Our Products

Speed Braces

We offer a variety of metal braces, and will help you find the right fit for your needs.


Incognito, also called lingual braces, are fully customized braces that go on the inside of the teeth.


Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of clear, discreet and comfortable aligner trays made of plastic.

Clarity Braces

Clarity Advanced braces are ceramic braces that deliver straighter teeth without traditional metal.


Our retainers will hold your teeth in their new, corrected positions after your braces are removed.

Speed Braces

SPEED braces, unlike conventional braces, use a spring clip to hold the wires in rather than elastics and are about one-half the size. The spring clip applies a light, continuous force to gently move teeth to their correct position. This allows for less food trapping and easier oral hygiene by removing the wire blockages that can make braces more difficult to clean.

Clarity Braces

Clarity Advanced braces are clear unlike traditional braces. Clarity Advanced utilizes ceramic braces to deliver straighter teeth without the unsightliness of traditional metal braces.

Clarity Advanced braces have a low profile design that help them more esthetic. In addition, the lower profile design helps to make them more comfortable as they won’t irritate the lips and cheeks as much.

These braces are designed to blend in with your natural tooth shade. Also, the ceramic material that the braces are made of are stain resistant and won’t discolor over the course of treatment.


Mission Orthodontics is one of the only clinics that offer Incognito Braces; fully customized braces that go on the inside of the teeth, also known as lingual braces. Fully customized means these braces can be made to be as low profile as possible to be as comfortable as possible. In addition, thanks to custom wires, the teeth can be moved to the desired final position from the very first appointment.

Why choose Incognito braces?

Incognito braces function basically like conventional braces, except they are on the inside rather than the outside; making Incognito braces virtually invisible. Unlike Invisalign, there is less reliance on the patient’s compliance to wear the trays. With the trays being removable, patients may forget to put their trays back in and may delay their treatment. Obviously, if they’re not in, then the teeth are not moving into their desired positions.

Incognito braces are a good option for fixing teeth that are severely crooked or spaced apart..

Incognito Lite

This system is great for patients who have minor issues, like slight crowding or crookedness. Incognito Lite is a system that utilizes fully customized lingual braces on the inside surfaces of the front teeth.

Incognito Lite braces are as low profile as possible and can be the most comfortable option. They are fast too, as their fully customized wires help move the teeth to their desired position from the very first appointment.


Invisalign treatment straightens teeth by utilizing a series of clear, plastic aligner trays. Unlike traditional braces that use brackets and wires to move teeth, Invisalign is more discreet and comfortable.

Benefits of Invisalign Treatment
  • Aligner trays are completely clear, which allows teeth to be aligned invisibly.
  • Aligner trays can be easily removed, allowing you to brush and floss like you normally would.
  • There are no braces or wires to get in the way of their hygiene routine or to trap food.
  • By eliminating the metal mechanisms, patients don’t have to worry about tongue or mouth irritation.
How do I get Invisalign?

During your first consultation, Dr. John Huynh will assess your teeth and your bite and will let you know if you are a good candidate. Typically, good candidates for Invisalign are patients with mild to moderate crowding, spacing issues, bite issues and those who have had orthodontic treatment before and have had relapse of their teeth.

When you visit Dr. Huynh to begin Invisalign treatment, he will take a digital scan of your teeth using our 3M True Definition scanner and use it to treatment plan your case and create a series of custom clear aligner trays to move your teeth.

How do I wear Invisalign?

You will wear each set of clear aligner trays for one to two weeks at a time, switching out the old set of trays for the next set every few weeks, incrementally moving your teeth closer and closer to the smile you want.

Trays should be worn for 20-22 hours a day to ensure that your teeth move according to plan. Essentially, the trays should be in except when you are eating and brushing your teeth.

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign treatment isn’t just for adults; we offer Invisalign treatment for teens as well. Invisalign Teen is a great option for teens who are concerned about the esthetics of having traditional braces, or whom are active in sports, band or other extracurricular activities, because they consist of a series of clear plastic aligners that are almost invisible when worn and are comfortable and easy to wear. As well, being removeable means that oral hygiene is easier compared to traditional braces and there are less dietary restrictions with Invisalign Teen as the trays are removeable and can be taken out when patients eat.

Customized to each individual patient, Invisalign Teen utilizes a series of clear plastic aligners to move the teeth into their desired position. Since the trays are made of smooth plastic, they are less likely to irritate the surrounding tissues and are more comfortable and often require less office visits than traditional braces.

Depending on how well the trays are worn, we can schedule appointments every 6 to 8 weeks. For teens balancing school, extracurricular activities, and social life, it can be the ideal option.

3M True Definition Scanner

The 3M True Definition scanner allows us to take digital impressions of your teeth without the need for goopy impression material. The digital scanner allows us to take a high definition model of your teeth which can then be utilized to make fully customized appliances like Invisalign or Incognito braces.

Its small, wand-like scanner takes multiple images that are stitched together to generate a digital model of your teeth. The process is effortless with the images being displayed on the screen so that you can see your 3D model right away. These models are used by Dr. Huynh to help diagnose and treatment plan your orthodontic treatment.

The advantage of utilizing the scanner versus traditional impressions is that the appliances made from the 3D scan are more accurate and fit better than appliances made with impressions. Having better-fitting appliances means your teeth will move more effectively into their desired positions.


Retainers are appliances that hold your teeth in their new, corrected positions after your braces are removed; teeth shift over time if retainers are not worn as prescribed.

Retainers can take some getting used to, and it may require some practice to get back to sounding the way you did before you had one, but it’s important to wear them as often, and for as long as directed by your orthodontist to prevent relapse and keep your teeth straight and beautiful!

Always take your retainer out when eating or swimming, and always store them in their proper case to avoid breakage, misplacing it or having it chewed up by a pet. Retainer replacement can be expensive, so make sure you take proper care to clean them daily with cold water and a toothbrush, and never try to make adjustments on them yourself.

Just give us a call and we will gladly schedule an appointment for you. In the same way, if your retainer is lost or broken call us immediately to prevent shifting of your teeth. And remember to always bring your retainers to your appointments.